Friday, February 8, 2013

Tablet full of dreams...

All my life, everywhere I looked there were little notes all around our house.. grocery lists on the back of envelopes, reminders to send a thank you note on the end of a grocery receipt, school reminders on a piece of  thick brown paper torn from a grocery bag tucked into the corner of the calendar..  all with the beautiful cursive that was specific to my mother.  I still find pieces of paper stuck in books and in a hidden box with scribbles of shorthand that only my mother could decipher..  While my mother was a list maker and wrote down almost everything in her thoughts in one place or another it seldom landed in the same place in any sort of order when looked at from the outside perspective.
Sometimes I find myself tucking a note into the calendar or putting a post it on the lamp to remind me of something and I smile at all the reminders that I give myself of my mother without even trying..  Unfortunately my cursive doesn't hold a candle to hers and my shorthand was long forgotten the day I walked out of the high school secretariat class in 10th grade..(pretty sure I'm dating myself here...)

Anyway.. this year I decided to write down all the projects that I would like to accomplish in 2013 and actually put them all in one place..  I always pick up an armful of these cheap composition notebooks for around 50 cents at the back to school shopping every fall.  I pulled one out and started writing down all the big projects that I want to build.  I've put several drawings of things I haven't found plans for and lists of lumber and accessories I might be needing to keep my eyes open for.  It has come in handy already as I have kept it in my bag and a quick trip to Home Depot on my way home doesn't leave me wandering the aisles aimlessly trying to remember what the heck I needed.  And while I do have a "smart" phone.. I'll be danged if I really know how to use all those super fantastic features...

and for some reason I still love the feel of a notebook in my hand packed with grand ideas and dreams all laid out in cursive with an occasional note tucked in the seam.

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